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4 October 2012 – Van Halen “Panama”


4 October 2012 – Van Halen “Panama”

Panama Music Video – Try and watch it without laughing out loud or wondering what we were all thinking….

Warm Up:  3 rounds 15 reps

Mountain Climbers

Med Ball Clean

Sit Up w/ Med Ball


Strength / Skill : One armed dumbbell snatch – review technique then:

3,3,3,3,3  – 3 reps each arm, per set, increasing weight each set if possible.

Note* 2012 Regional Competition involved a 100lb Dumbbell Snatch, 70 for Ladies, 10 reps alternating arms.  Athletes capable of a 100/70lb DB Snatch should work on this skill instead.



Deadlift (275#/185#)

Slam Ball (AHAP)

KB Russian Swings (AHAP) *Note the Russian Swing is half the distance of the American swing to eye level only, not overhead!

Cool Down –  10 Toes to rings, 10 Abmat Situps, 10 rounds

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