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4 September 2012 – “Never Leave Your Wingman”


4 September 2012 – “Never Leave Your Wingman”


Warm Up: Turf Drills

Pay Day Pull Ups

WOD – “Never Leave Your Wingman”
25 minute AMRAP of sorts.
Partner Up for back squats, 5 reps each, then add weight.
To add weight, you must run with it to the stop sign and back.
The goal is to do as many sets as possible with increasing weight each time and top out at near maximal 5rep set.
Team score is max weight successfully lifted X the number of rounds it took your team to get there.
If one teammate is still lifting beyond partners limits, the weight must still be run to stop sign to be added and partner must still complete 5 reps at a lower weight for the stronger partner to continue.
Men’s RX starting point is 135 and women’s is 95. There will be a maximum and minimum weight addition per round for rx athletes.

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