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6 August 2015 – “Thursday Thrills!!!!”


6 August 2015 – “Thursday Thrills!!!!”


Warm-up: 1000m Row (100m at 60%,800m at 70-80%, 100m at 100%)

Strength/WOD Triple Set: Untimed for Completion and improved ROM

*Work through these WODs in an untimed basis within the Class Hour and work your hardest to focus on perfect form and best ROM. ARX Athletes may go “On The Clock” but all attempts should be made to go Unbroken in each set. Today should be a Mental Game!

WOD 1:

21-15-9 (75#/55#)

Thrusters and HSPU

WOD 2:

21-15-9 (95#/65#)

Overhead Squats and Pullups

WOD 3:

21-15-9 (115#/75#)

Hang Squat Cleans and Burpee Broad Jumps


21-15-9 (135/85#)

Backsquats and Double Unders



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