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5 November 2012; “Grace” and “Rob O’s Sandy Monday”


5 November 2012; “Grace” and “Rob O’s Sandy Monday”

Rob Orlando’s 300lb Grace

Warm-up: Skier’s Warm-up 10 minutes

Skill: Clean and Jerk Part 1 of 7

Benchmark: Grace 1 of 7

Grace: 30 Clean and Jerks for Time 135/95

Note….leading up to Christmas, we will be doing Grace 7  times in an attempt to radically imrpove our time and once and for all, knock out the difficult and dreading Clean and Jerk for all AllSport Athletes….

We expect the majoity of ASCF Athletes to make improvements such as…

– 2-4 minute improvement on an RX Grace…

-Making 5 minute Graces down to 3 minutes

-Knocking Sub 3 minute Graces to Sub 2 minute Graces with good form

-Getting Scaled people up to RX’d Grace over the course of 6 weeks

WOD 2: Rob Orlando’s Sandy Monday

20 minute AMRAP

8 Push-ups

8 Strict Pull-ups

8 Ground To Overhead 45/25# Bumper Plate

8 Alternating Lunges with 45/25# Bumper Plate

No Cool Down

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