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5th Gear CrossFit “My Mommy is Stronger than Your Mommy!!!” / 12 July 2014


5th Gear CrossFit “My Mommy is Stronger than Your Mommy!!!” / 12 July 2014

Mom's Comp - Get RX'd


Mom’s ONLY!!!! You can be a Mom or a StepMom but its your time to go up against all of the Mommies in town.

Four Categories: New Moms (Those with Children less than 12 Months old), Scaled, Intermediate and RX’d.

We know you work hard, in the box and at home, and time management and staying strong and fit for your family is key! Let’s see how you measure up against other Moms!!!

Registration will be up by 19 April 2014. $95 registration. T-shirt Included. Prizes for each Category, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place.

$10 of your registration fee will go to the Houston Area Women’s Center.

We will have a Mini Dad’s Competition with great prizes and a Bounce House for the Kids!!!!

My Mommy is Stronger than Your Mommy!!!!!!!

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Mommies, if you are contemplating Scaled vs. Intermediate, you should be able to do skillful movements like you would if RX’d if you are going Intermediate, but the weight will be significantly less. it will be the weight NOT THE SKILL to put you in this category. So, pull-ups with out a band, Double Unders. So its the WEIGHT that will be the difference between the two categories.

There aren’t any Masters or Grandmama categories, but there are questions when you submit your registration and we could possibly look at separating you.

If you have a new baby on the cusp of a year old, it’s up to you if you want to be a New Mom or Scaled or even RX’d or Intermediate. YOU KNOW YOUR BODY BEST, and if you are doing RX’d weights, then you should be fine at what you determine is best for you!!!!

If you are worried about WEIGHT, GO SCALED. If you can do 90% CrossFit Movements but can’t handle the heavy weights, go Intermediate. RX’d Mommies, you know who you are!!!!

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