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5th Gear CrossFit Pound for Pound Challenge / 28 June 2014


5th Gear CrossFit Pound for Pound Challenge / 28 June 2014

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Pound for Pound Challenge is a Bodyweight-based Competition where everyone will pull their own load. Little guys, Big guys, everyone is the same. Can you push, pull squat and deadlift your bodyweight more than the next guy? There will also be a WOD in addition to the lifts.

Are you truly STRONG, Pound for Pound?

Weigh in: By 8:00 a.m. on 28 June 2014.

$75 entry fee (T-shirt included if registered by 1 June 2014)

Prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for Men and Women

Events from 2012 (This will not necessarily be the events for 2014)
The Events

After Weigh In

1. Deadlift 1 rep max

2. Max rep Bodyweight Back squat – 3 minutes

3. Max rep Bodyweight (Women – 75%) Bench press – 2 minutes

4. Max Pull-ups (Kipping or otherwise)

Scores and times will be calculated…

5. Top Two Ladies and Top 4 Men Short WOD

7 minute AMRAP

1 Sled Push with Bodyweight Loaded, 4 Squat Cleans at 75% Bodyweight

Score is total reps, Sled Push counts as 1 Rep Only

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