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6 June 2012 – “Rings and Swings”


6 June 2012 – “Rings and Swings”

























AllSport CrossFit got some LOVE and some hate on the CrossFit FaceBook Page today (!/crossfit).  Our point was not to discount deployments longer than 6 months or any certain location that was left out overseas. It was simply meant to say that we KNOW it’s HOT in the BOX; all of our Coaches (and their Spouses) workout in the Box, as well. We understand some corners are hotter than others. But thankfully, you are only here for an hour versus those who are sacrificing their time and lives overseas in conditions that are completely above and beyond what we suffer in our one hour (and please remember some of our Coaches are there for 5 to 12 hours at a time too).  So, PLEASE drink water, water, water, take a moment to walk outside if you find you are getting overheated. We are exploring options to try to cool the box down but there are no promises on what we can do. So for now, don’t take offense, just gain some perspective as above and read some of the comments online.  They will either make you laugh or make you mad or they will simply make you thankful!  🙂



Run to Richmond and Back

Turf Drills across and back AstroTurf: High Knees, Carioca, Butt Kicks, Skipping



Front Squat 5X3


WOD – “Rings and Swings”

20 KB Swings (53/35)

Lunge across gym

30 Ring Dips


Cool Down

100 Ab Mat Sit-ups

or get in a group of 4 and rotate turns until you’ve hit 400 Sit-ups

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