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6 June 2014 – “Houston Hero WOD”


6 June 2014 – “Houston Hero WOD”


Houston Hero WOD


Warm-up:  Light Jog to Jack in the Box and Back

25 Jumping Jacks, 10 Push-ups, Stretch Hamstrings for Run and Set up for WOD



1 Mile Run (5 Laps Around the Block)
68 Push Ups
68 Kettle bell Swings
51 Sit Ups
51 Burpees
1 Mile Run (5 Laps Around the Block)

Four Houston Firefighters lost their lives 31 May 2013.  while battling a motel fire…A few others were severely injured..

The mile run is for each leg that the Captain in the hospital had amputated.
68 and 51 were the two stations that lost firefighters..
The four movements are for those who lost their lives..


Cool Down:  Reflection of WOD and Lots of Water

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