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6 June 2016


6 June 2016



AllSport CrossFit, we have moved into our the second week of a 15 Week “Summer Gone Bad”. It’s getting hotter so please stay on top of your hydration!

We have added a “Athlete Improvement/Coaches Corner” Section with some extra Tips for a few movements each day.

Reading these short articles or watching the short videos will not only make you a better Athlete but also a better CrossFit example to the newer members that look up to you as a heavy hitter!

If you have time, you can review all six days of Athlete Improvement/Coaches Corner Videos and you’ll be that much better for it.

Community is at the heart of our Box, but Skill Progression is the Bed rock, be involved, scale properly, WOD hard and record your WODs Times and Lifts!!!!!!!

Remember, fitness is a Direction, not a Destination and the Athletes that feel like they are involved and making Progress are the ones that will be most fulfilled. Be involved, introduce yourself to everyone!

Upcoming Events/Talking Points:

-6 Weeks till Alexis goes to the CrossFit Games.

-BRING YOUR FRIENDS! FOR FREE!  Have them sign up here (it takes 2 minutes):

Friends and family Community WOD this Saturday AM 8:30 and 9:30

Bring your friends and family for a free Community WOD and Introduction to AllSport CrossFit.

Programming will reflect a Partner WOD where a Member can help walk their friend through our methods for a short 10-15 minute WOD and then a second WOD where the AllSport Members can do a RX WOD while Coaches and Friends and Family can socialize and answer any questions about AllSport CrossFit.

-Waco Slip and Slide or Summer Tubing Trip

TBD, Coaches and Athletes, we are aiming to do this post CrossFit Games so Alexis can participate and let off some steam. Furthermore whether we go to Waco or Tubing or wherever, the rain and flooding are making Water activities questionable so we will wait on the Weather for more updates.

As always,

Thanks you guys and gals….ya’ll are awesome. Keep up the great work! And keep spreading the word about AllSport CrossFit!


Warm-up: Increase Heart rate 5:00 Row, Jog, Assault Bike

Then Sprint Warm-up: 1x Walking Quad, 1x Deep Lunge, 1x Lunge Twist, 1x Side Lunge, 1x Frankensteins (Toy Soldiers), 1x Windmill, 1x Butt Kicks, 1x High Knees

Athlete Improvement/Coaches Corner:


The Why of Squatting and Pulling and Pressing for Clean and Jerk

WOD 1st: Sprints Every Other Minute for 12 Minutes

Audrey Corner and Back (6 Sprints total)

2 Minute Drill: Performed after Class

2 Minutes of AbMat Sit-ups

Rest 1 Minute

2 Minutes of Double Unders

Alexis is a great lead and example for Summer Oly work. Here, a 213# C&J.

Strength 2nd: Remaining Class time to set a Heavy or 1 RM Clean and Jerk

ABZ: 6 Cycles of the following…

3 Strict Knee Ups/3 Kipping Knee Ups/3 Toes to Bar/18 Double Unders

ExCon: 15 minutes of Run 1 minute/Walk 1 minute for max distance

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