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6 May 2012 – “Pardon the Destruction”


6 May 2012 – “Pardon the Destruction”


Run to Colquitt Dead End and Back

10 Air Squats

10 Push-ups

We apologize for the dust and debris!  We are expanding as quickly as we can to make more room for our larger classes. We thank you for your understanding as we improve the space for you. Any concerns or questions please feel free to send an email to Susie @


































For Time: 2000 meter Row


Skill:  Muscle Up Progressions


WOD – “Lizzy” – another Benchmark!


Hang Cleans (185#/135#)

Ring Dips













































Cool Down

50 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Cinco de Mayo - Great AllSport CrossFit Group!!!!





















Some of the AllSport CrossFit Crew out for Cinco de Mayo 2012!!!!








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