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6 September 2012; “Iceman” or “I Am Dangerous”


6 September 2012; “Iceman” or “I Am Dangerous”


Warm-up – Jog to West Alabama and back

Timed/Mobility– AMRAP (As Many Repetitions As Possible) of Ring Dips, 5:00

If waiting for rings to become available, Athletes should do Mobility, practice Double Unders, or set-up for WOD

A Brief Documentary about the Rivalry between Iceman and Maverick

WOD“Iceman” or “I Am Dangerous”

Four rounds for time of:

4 BAR Muscle-ups

8 Front Squats 165/115

12 Burpees

24 Double Unders

(No rings today please, if the athlete is unable to do a Bar MU as RX’d, they will do 2x the number of Strict Pull-ups/no movement below the belt, with or without a band)

Cool Down – Row 500-1500 m with great form at a pace slow enough to maintain great form…it’s a practice, not a race!










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