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7 April 2012 – “Easter Saturday”


7 April 2012 – “Easter Saturday”

0800 Class


Run 1 Lap

10 Push-ups

Run 1 Lap

20 Push-ups

Run 1 Lap

30 Push-ups


Death by Jumping Air Squat and Push-up

On Minute 1, perform one jumping air squat and one push-up

On Minute 2, perform two jumping air squats and two push-ups

On Minute 3, etc.

Until you can not complete all of the reps in that minute!


0900 Class


Mobility Work

3 Rounds:

10 OHS with PVC Pipe

Run 1 Lap




Back Squat From Rack (225#/155#)

Kettlebell Swings (70#/53#)









Cool Down

Group into a Circle

Perform one pushup, person next to you performs one push-up, go around the circle, holding in the plank position without going to your knees

then perform 2, go around circle, perform 3, etc. If at any time, you go to your knees, you may stop performing push-ups

Last man/woman still performing push-ups is the Push-up King/Queen!!!!


Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!














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