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8 February 2013; Whaddaya Bench….


8 February 2013; Whaddaya Bench….


Arnold throwing 365 for reps at Venice Beach…

Warm-up: 10 Regular Push-ups, 10 Tricep Push-ups, 10 Wide Grip Push-ups

Strength: 25 minutes to establish a Benchpress 1 Rep Max

“Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder but nobody wants to lift heavy weights.”

-Ronnie Coleman 8x Mr. Olympia

WOD: Three Quarter Cindy

15 minutes AMRAP

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Airsquats

Total Score is Benchpress plus Total Reps from Cindy….


The Soapbox….

Stick to Compound movements performed with Heavy weight whatever your Heavy may be…if you left AllSport tomorrow and never came back, I would hope you would always remember how to Deadlift, how to Squat below Parallel, to Press and to Benchpress, if you want your kids to be strong, athletic and better at their given sport, teach them how to Squat and progressively add weight, want to keep your Parents and Grandparents out of Assisted Living, teach them how to Squat….squatting is getting out of bed under your own power and that is freedom….

To continue on my Soapbox, on Wednesday, one of our favorite athletes from the morning classes told me her time was D.L. for Dead Last in her Class….consider this quote I saw on Facebook yesterday….at any age, whether it be 20 or 70 you are the 5% willing to get off the Couch and improve their health, strength and fitness level….line up 100 other Ladies of your age range and give them any physical task and you would finish in the top 20 if not 10%…Hell, 30 wouldn’t even be cleared by their Doctor to try….here’s the quote, I especially like the Dog Food example, just the other day, I saw almost a dozen people wait five minutes for an elevator to go to the 2nd Floor of an Office building when there was a staircase in plain sight next to the elevator……WTF!?!?!
 “Look at general population and realize that you’re a monster compared to them: Stop comparing yourself to world class athletes you see on YouTube.

Understand that to the general population a 200lb deadlift is so far beyond their capabilities they don’t even understand it. How many people do you know that are so weak they can’t even lift a bag of dog food? Here you are lifting the equivalent of 10 bags of dog food and not even breaking a sweat!

You’re the one your friends call when they need help moving something, you’re the person that gets introduced as “this is that guy/lady I was telling you about”, weak people don’t fit that bill.”

While I was searching for an Arnold Benchpress Pic, I found these too….

616lbs Deadlift PR at 19 years old….


445 well below parallel….