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8 January 2014; “Angie’s Four Evil Exes…”


8 January 2014; “Angie’s Four Evil Exes…”

Warm-up: PVC mobility

Skill: Handstand work, work on next highest skill. How many people can we get to walk on their hands by the end of 2014?

WOD: Angie’s Four Evil Exes….

Each Quarter of the WOD should be performed at maximum possible speed with good form. Rest as needed and as much as possible inside class hour to effect the highest intensity inside the mini WODs

Q1: Row 1000m, 100 pull-ups for time

Q2: Row 750m, 100 push-ups for time

Q3: Row 500m, 100 sit-ups for time

Q4: Row 250m, 100 squats for time