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8 May 2012 – “PT, Good for you, Good for me!”


8 May 2012 – “PT, Good for you, Good for me!”

Thank you all again for your patience with the tear down in the back of the Box! The dust and debris will be gone soon!  BIG THANKS to Jimmy for helping us out so much and MAJOR Thanks to Coach “Demolition” David for all of his hard work clearing out the back building!


Drink Water and Stretch, Get ready for a LONG workout!










































No Skill or Strength


WOD – “PT, Good for You, Good for Me!”

1.5 Mile Run

Then work through as much as possible (chip away at each in order):

100 of each in order:

Pull-ups, Push-ups, Air Squats, Sit-ups, Lunges, Flutter Kicks, Leg Levers, Tricep Push-ups, Crunches, Wide Grip Push-ups, Ring Rows, Parallel Dips, Burpees, 8 Count Body Builders, Jumping Jacks, Star Jumpers, Pistols, Toe Raises, Jumping Squats, 100 Second Wall Sit, 100 Second 6 inch Wall Hold


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