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9 June 2014 – “Return to the Jersey Shore”


9 June 2014 – “Return to the Jersey Shore”

Suzanne and Coach Ryan are leaving us to return home to their beloved New Jersey. We will miss them, as they were two of our very first clients and both have grown to be great CrossFitters (and one great Coach too).

So get your “Fist Pump” on and wish them well as they are leaving after this week!!!!! GTL, people!!!!


Warm-up: 1000m Row

Strength: Benchpress 5 sets of X for Max Reps

RX is 225/135, if scaling , choose logical plate breaks, 95,135,155 etc…

WOD: Gym Tan and Laundry…aka The Duck Phone

ARX Version…

Perform 3 Behind the Neck Pullups/5 DB/7T2B/3 Behind the Neck Pullups etc…

Scaled WOD….

5 rounds of…3 minute+1minute

3 minutes on….

5 Right arm DB pushpress

7 AbMat SItups

5 Left arm DB pushpress

7 AbMat Situps

5 Right arm DB curl

7 AbMat Situps

5 Left arm DB Curl

Then 1 minute of unprotected Thrusters….45#






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