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A Nice Review of AllSport CrossFit from a Traveling CrossFitter!


A Nice Review of AllSport CrossFit from a Traveling CrossFitter!

Please check out this nice review from a traveling CrossFitter!  Anyone is welcome at our Box, just give us a heads up you are coming, just like this visitor!  (Thanks for the review too!)


A Box on every Corner

Posted: September 26, 2012 in CrossFit Tags: , , , , , , ,

There is no problem in Houston finding a Box.  But there is a problem in Houston deciding which one to visit.  With Houston’s population listed in the likes of Los Angeles and Chicago one would expect huge CrossFit options and you would be correct.

It would be interesting to see a ranking of cities based on the number of Boxes.  This may be something of interest for another time.

(…time…) has a cool way to see this – Los Angeles – New York – San Francisco – Houston – Boston areas seem to round off the top.

(…more time…)

I reviewed some of the box locations listed on the map (ref above) and apparently Mississippi’s DeSoto CrossFit & Austin’s TexFit CrossFit are both located in the Houston area.  Here is a good parallel of CrossFit Central providing something well and losing control at the affiliate level.  Anyways let’s review a trip to Houston.

Allsport Crossfit

Finding myself in Houston and with 3 hours to kill between meetings I went on my search to find a box.  I ran through the typical searches and sent out e-mails to see who would respond first.  Allsport CrossFit  had the option to text so I dropped them a request @ 8AM.  By 8:15 I received a response of “Sure” and another response of “Great” after I confirmed.  All was set with Allsport.

My morning meeting ended at 11 so I headed over to Allsport a little early for the noon time WOD.  The Box was just 4 blocks away and tucked back in a high traffic residential area (apartments and small lots).  When I pulled up (early) I was a little unsure if I was at the right place but thrilled if I was.  Did Google put me in the right spot? – if I decided to go to DeSoto I would have been really upset- see above

Looking at the building I had no idea what type of business was there before or how long it has been between occupancies.  The building looked odd compared to its surroundings and the back parking lot looked as sterile as the used condom I almost stepped on when I got out of the car.  The building had no signs and was only marked by an “ASCF” spray painted on a brown door.  Yes! (This is said with excitement) – I was at the right place.

The place was locked up so I waited in my car.  For the next 5 minutes I watched a stray dog trying to find a good set of weeds escaping from under a fence to suffice as the lucky spot.

I truly enjoy the obscure Boxes and this surely fits obscure.  Side note – I sent a picture of the box to my wife and her response was “be careful”.


Right before noon the back door opened – hurdling the latex waste (but not wasted latex) then making my way across the parking lot several other cars started to trickle in.  I walked in through the spray painted door and David quickly introduced himself as the coach and let me settle in.  Once inside there was a dramatic difference from the outside facade.  Quality equipment everywhere, clean, organized and open.  I signed the waiver, paid my $20, found a place to change and started my mobility.

The day’s earlier results were on the white board next to the WOD.

  1. A good run (had to dodge traffic)- warm up
  2. 5 rounds of Cindy –  warm up
  3. DUs….
  4. 5 RFT

Heavy Farmers Carry


15 Burpees

From the start Coach David was great.  He not only suggested appropriate scales but gave comparable lifts and reasons why to scale.  There was the element of the Heavy Farmers Carry – When discussing the choice of an appropriate weight David talked about % of body weight and max deadlift.  The HSPUs are not for all so he addressed the progression of work needed to eventually get to a HSPU.  And the Burpee, well it’s a Burpee.

David had this knack of delivering words of wisdom as a sometimes foul mouthed Drill Sergeant while remaining engaged, encouraging and instructive.  He must have called out each athletes name a handful of times to keep them active and strict on their movements.  He was on everybody down to their last Burpee.

While I mention the last Burpee.  After my last Burpee and catching my breath, I started to think about getting ready for my next meeting in an hour.  And then I realized there is no shower here and it is freaking hot in Houston – even in September.  The Box does not have much natural ventilation and the Houston heat / humidity seems to pull you to the ground by your eyebrows. I had to cool off and clean up somehow or just towel off and cover up with some Speed Stick… (…time…) (…meeting…)…

Box Criteria Review

Responsive – Immediate response.  Option to text.

Accommodate – No problem getting in.

Drop in fee – $20.

Number of Classes – 9 on the weekdays.

Degree of WOD intensity – “Good game” here.  Even by The Jimys standards.

How long in Operation – A couple years.

Number of Members – A bunch – their whiteboard looks like the graduating class of “small town USA” high school.

Bathroom / Showers– “Changing Rooms:  We have a few empty offices attached to our workout space where you can change.  We do not yet have a full locker room type facility (showers) so plan on showering at home after your workout.  You may want a towel in your car for your seats.”

Sanitizer in work out area – Yes.

The Presence of Skulls – None.

You are welcome here – Yes.

OK, so good programming, good coach, good equipment and good athlete atmosphere.  Allsports also had great response to the drop in request.  I had a great time here and will drop back in again and would recommend others to do the same.  Just don’t go between meetings unless you think looking like you just did 5 rounds of Cindy, 400+ DUs, 160# farmer carries, grunted out 50 HSPUs and 75 Burpees is cool.   If so, no worries.

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