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AllSport CrossFit – The Ending of an Era and The Turning of a Page….


AllSport CrossFit – The Ending of an Era and The Turning of a Page….

AllSport CrossFit  – The Ending of an Era and The Turning of a Page….

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the permanent closure of AllSport CrossFit on 30 September 2020. It has been an amazing ride the past almost 10 years. AllSport CrossFit was born in our garage, it grew into an amazing and special place, that has dominated our lives and the lives of our incredible clients, members and friends this past decade. Ironically enough, it will return back to our garage. 

At rough count we have taught 18,000+ CrossFit Classes and more than 6500 people have signed waivers to work out with us. The business landscape has changed dramatically since 2011 but the COVID Pandemic was the terminal blow to ourselves and to so many other gyms. Just yesterday, two neighboring competitors who we have been friends for a decade plus shuttered their doors permanently. 

What you need to know: 

  • AllSport CrossFit will be immediately transitioning to a 7 day a week schedule in order to give all members and former members the opportunity to finish off their punch cards, Unlimited Memberships and simply come back for one last trip down AllSport Memory Lane. 
  • Anyone on Contracts, effective 30 September 2020, those will be severed. Any financial information will be shredded. 
  • Anyone whose Contracts end prior to this date and want to continue WODding, can contact Susie to purchase something to fit their needs until the end of the month.
  • AllSport has 50,000 pounds of equipment. It must be sold, and moved to simply cover expenses. Clients will receive first rights to purchase equipment if they would like some. In the current environment, equipment is at a premium and will move extremely fast but in a phased process since we have a month left in our space.
  • All efforts will be made to provide the best programming possible for our members but equipment availability will dictate the WOD and the gym will look different as the weeks go by. Simultaneously, as equipment and members leave, we guarantee will provide a morning, 9:15 a.m.and evening class to you. As the situation develops, it will be necessary to transition to a Coached Open Gym format. 
  • Our INCREDIBLE Trainers have been informed a few hours prior to everyone else. We cannot thank them enough for all of their contributions over the years. All efforts will be made to place our Trainers into new opportunities. 
  • As far as the Tannery Family – David, Susie, Morgan and Macyn – we have diversified our businesses over the years. While AllSport being our first and ultimate baby is the closest to our heart and the source of our joy, it has largely become a hobby. Albeit, an expensive one. 
  • Finally, two points: it is our sincerest belief and hope that CrossFit, as a general principle, is the most effective way to ensure long-term health, viability, strength and conditioning. We hope and pray that you continue your CrossFit journey. Simultaneously, it our ardent belief in the free market that we will not be recommending or endorsing any specific competitor in the hope that the closure of AllSport will in some way ensure the survival of our friends in the industry, who all run fantastic gyms. 

Here is What Happened if you choose to continue to read……

We love our Community so much that we feel the duty to let everyone know what has transpired over the past 6 months. 

  • Covid, in general caused a great uncertainty and fear in people. 
  • The Government’s singling out of gyms, bars and restaurants. 100% of your rent is due each month but you only get to have 25-50% of your clients. 
  • The repeated Fire Marshal visits were incredibly and emotionally draining. Looking over your shoulder while trying to pay the bills, frankly, is not fun. 
  • While we have operated our business for 10 years, suddenly having all of neighbors home all the time, led to 5 police visits due to what they presumed to be violations. We have yet to be charged or ticketed but this is further insult to injury. 
  • Many thanks to our incredible clients who continued to pay through the closure. We lent out 43 full kits of equipment during quarantine. This included a barbell, plates, a wallball, dumbbells and a kettlebell to help keep our clients fit. And another 30 or so partial kits for those that only needed a few things. We thought this would make everyone happy enough to return and renew contracts, but it did not. We only got about half of these clients back. 
  • We offered Punch Cards as an option to those who wanted more flexibility. This was an important source of revenue to the gym. Without clients using them, they were not replenished over time. 
  • We had multiple streams of income including leasing the parking lot spaces to students at Lamar and also to the Islamic Center for their Friday worship and for Valet Service for the event center next door. Without school, worship services and parties, these sources of income simply no longer exist. 
  • Online School has decimated our traditionally very large Moms’ Class and Parent’s attendance in general. We completely understand that going to the gym becomes secondary when you are working from home and also serving as a teacher to your own children. 
  • We had many clients on Student Memberships return to their hometowns when Rice University and University of Houston, and other Houston Schools closed their dormitories. They have not returned to school or the gym (in person). 
  • Approximately 30% of our clientele worked directly on the frontlines in Health Care and understandably so, they are valiantly trying to spare their patients any undo harm. 
  • In many ways, we are a commuter gym. Many of our clients and trainers work downtown, in Greenway Plaza or the Medical Center but actually lived 10-20 miles away. It is illogical for them to continue with us and we completely understand this. 
  • Some of our clients lost their jobs or had their income reduce, and they simply could not afford to come back. We completely understand this and our heart goes out to you. 
  • No air travel and no business travel means no Drop-ins. We have seen a 95% reduction in people visiting from out of town and this was huge for us. 
  • Social Distancing as changed the “social aspect” of CrossFit. It is difficult to obtain and retain new members without the parties and happy hours, etc. Everyone loves a great WOD and an After Party and we have lost the After Party. 
  • CrossFit is traditionally brutal and everyone knows AllSport is hot when it’s hot and it’s cold when it’s cold. Quarantine has robbed us of our natural ability to acclimatize our members to the heat throughout these past months. Many have said it is too hot and they will not return until it cools down. 
  • The natural attrition of clients, who get married, buy new homes, have babies, move away, graduate from Medical School is not being replaced at a sustainable rate due to COVID and its ripple effects. 
  • The initial reopening was fantastic. But Social Justice protests and a spike in cases in Houston in June took us from nearly 60 clients daily to just over 20. Realistically we need 70-100 on the whiteboard daily to operate. 
  • Greg Glassman, the former CEO of CrossFit, and his idiotic and insensitive comments on social media in June were extremely distasteful and an unnecessary distraction from our attempts to rebuild our community in June. We are glad he stepped down and we feel that the new CEO has all the tools to bring the CrossFit brand back to prominence. Unfortunately, we can not wait that long. Outside of Glassman, CrossFit Headquarters has been extremely helpful with extension of our licensing agreements, insurance and certifications. We have faith that New CrossFit with right the ship. 
  • Our Kids Program, in so many ways, allowed us to operate through the summer in hopes that we would find a miracle end to COVID. But both with our own children and all the others that returned to online school, many are unable to attend class any more. Kids – we have LOVED every minute with you all and we thank you for the fun memories. You saved us in the genuine hope that we could last long enough for people to return in mass. 
  • Our signature Mom’s Only Competition and Pound for Pound Challenge were huge sources of revenue and it seems quite unrealistic that any large CrossFit events of 100-200 competitors can or will be held in Harris County in the next twelve months. 
  • Finally, Business and Property Taxes do not change. For instance, when you buy a rower, you pay taxes on it once. When AllSport buys a Rower, we pay taxes on the rower, property taxes on the building to hold the rower, and then we also pay yearly Personal Property Taxes to actually USE the rower.  Insane for a small business. 

THANK YOU to our friends and family who did as much as they could to help. We had several people support us in such incredible ways. For instance, one former member, could not stop sending us money. Several non-members sent us money, just to try to help. One current member allowed us our first vacation this year at his lake house. Another member gave us office equipment we had intended to use at the gym (he only thought of us despite the fact he was shutting down his own office). One member allowed our son two weeks of normalcy in Florida. That kindness will never be forgotten. 

In closing, THANK YOU for the memories. This has been the BEST part our daily lives!!!!  We raised our children in this building. We thank everyone who have helped us raise them along the way; you were all so kind to Morgan and Macyn. We have seen births, marriages, divorces and sadly, a few funerals. 

Our prayers go out to our friends and clients, but especially those in the gym, bar and restaurant and club industry so deeply affected by this. If you have read this far, we ask simply one thing:  please truly consider what world you want to live in one, two and five years from now. We ask you really consider what effects people’s actions are having towards Small Businesses in general. If you can stand in line at the grocery store, you can go to the gym. If you can have a conversation with someone walking your dog, you can eat at a restaurant. 

Fitness counters sickness to an incredible degree, we hope you continue your Fitness journey, whatever it may be. Please do not ever stop. 

We were not the first CrossFit gym to close and we will certainly not be the last. The world has changed and we all must change with it. Please do not view this with sadness. We want the final 30 days of the gym to be the best 30 days the gym ever had!  We intend to have amazing Saturday WODs, the programming will still be brutally awesome and we will not go down without a party! 

Hugs and Deadlifts, and Remember, Every Day is Leg Day…..

David, Susie, Morgan and Macyn Tannery

AllSport CrossFit, 2011-2020

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