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To all those that contributed to the Platoon Care Packages last month, they arrived safely and were enjoyed by all….we greatly appreciate those that donated care package items and money for shipping….you guys are AWESOME!!!!

CARE Package FYI –

This email arrived from our brave friends in the picture at the gym….God Bless them and Stay Safe….

Today I received the care packages your gym sent out. Lately I have been getting a lot of packages from my mom and wife and there are guys who aren’t getting anything, so when these 5 packages showed up everyone was giving me shit for getting mail and since it was 5 packages I honestly think guys were getting jealous. When we get mail it is usually at our daily meetings and the mail is in the center of the circle. Well, once I told them that the packages were from AllSport CrossFit in Houston, Texas and they are for everyone, guys jumped up to grab a package to open like it was Christmas. Everyone loved the packages. They were by far the best care packages we have received. So, thanks to your AllSport Members very much for everything you sent out. And everyone from the Team thanks you guys.

P.S. Everyone laughed when they saw the grip strength tools. Then once they opened them and realized they couldn’t close 300lbs it got passed around for everyone to try and everyone was quickly humbled.

Thank you,


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