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Compete in the CrossFit Open with AllSport CrossFit!!!!


Compete in the CrossFit Open with AllSport CrossFit!!!!

AllSport CrossFit will be participating in the CrossFit Games Open, which begins 22 February 2012. If you are interested in participating and being able to rank yourself against THOUSANDs of other CrossFitters out of the WORLD, please sign up!  It only costs you $20 and you get to submit 5 Workout Scores throughout a 5 week period. If anything, its a GREAT learning experience and within the 6 weeks we have been open, I see such serious potential within our Athletes.

If you are interested in participating this year, register here: CrossFit Games Open Page CrossFit Games will release a WOD with a video every Tuesday, which starts next week on 22 February 2012.  You have until Sunday to perform it in front of one of our Coaches (Susie, David, Logan or Hernan) where each of us will verify and judge your range of motion (ROM) and eligible reps. Then, you submit you score online and the Team Leader (Coach Susie) will verify it and approve it.   You will be able to judge and compare yourself againsts thousands around the world and even filter down to those in the South Central Region.

Register at and join the team “AllSport CrossFit.” Any score can not hurt the team. Games.CrossFit.Come use only the scores of the highest ranking 3 girls and the highest ranking 3 guys of AllSport CrossFit’s weekly scores.

Note that Susie and Logan participated in this last year. The mens competition is very high but you may be good at something to raise the points high enough where we need you most!  Note that Susie ranked 59th in the South Central Region and she was eligible to go as an individial because she was in the the top 60 Women. It’s the same for the Men. YOU CAN DO IT.  Join the AllSport CrossFit Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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