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Conan T. Barbarian, Progressions and Recording your WODs, Weights and Times


Conan T. Barbarian, Progressions and Recording your WODs, Weights and Times

With the Heavy Prowler Pushes today, a lot of jokes and good natured ribbing have been made about the greatest Warrior/Scholar of all time, Conan T. Barbarian…

Remember, you can achieve results like this if you only eat starvation rations and chain yourself to a Sumerian millstone for 12 straight years….sure it’s a stretch but who knows….I can’t stop laughing because I never realized this clip goes on for an entire minute….

Seriously though, it demonstrates a great (linear) progression much like what can be found in CrossFit….if you’re not coming in for results turn after turn, week after week, why do you train? 

We shouldn’t and probably won’t ever look like Arnold but the principle is sound…

While I don’t know if the Ancient Greek Tale of Milo inspired Conan’s ridiculous clip….the theory is the same….Milo of Croton, a six time Ancient Olympian, Soldier and All Around Scary Bad Dude (A2SBD) was said to have developed his strength by starting young and sticking to it…

Milo started at age 4 by picking up a newborn calf everyday as they both grew to maturity, I’m sure over his youth, he developed great “Cow Pick Up” (CPU) technique and was able to match the weight of the cow with his growing strength…I only wonder if that Cow Pick Up (CPU) was Ground to Shoulder or Ground to Overhead……anyways, that’s long term training in a nutshell….

Increased Technique+Increased Weight+Increased Speed = Real Progress

Write your WODs down EVERYDAY, track your progress…it’s awesome to flip back in a date book or calendar to see what you were capable of 3, 6, and 12 months ago…was I really that insert desired term here….weak, heavy, slow, big, small, uncoordinated etc….?!?!?!

These progressions apply not only to getting stronger but to developing your Double Unders, your Handstand Push-ups, Muscle Ups, Olympic Work, Running….your Pull-ups maybe….???

Ladies!!! We got 7 new AllSport Athletes to do their first RX’d Pull-up in September, if you’re still “On The Band”, are your progressing to a smaller band until you reach the invisible band of Triumph?!?!?!

Whether you are our youngest athlete at 12, Meagan “Munchkin” or our oldest at 76, Dr. Dan L. or somewhere in between, your needs and goals are the same, to be a stonger you, a more mobile you, with a greater capacity for work whatever your work (and play) may be…

Knowing that you can kick your own butt from a previous version of you 6 months before is a great feeling….

Any CrossFitter that records their WODs and puts in a combination of good attendance, hard work, and good nutrition/rest will get that feeling very quickly…..

And I would be remiss if I did not say, people looking for five day a week results on a three day a week membership (or punchcard) at AllSport are going to have to wait a little longer than those that come in 4 or more times a week….

And since it came up in class after class, I will close with Conan telling us all what is best in life….

“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. “ (I wonder how many takes they did before they got everyone to have a straight face….???)


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