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Friday September 28th, 2012; “Makalu”


Friday September 28th, 2012; “Makalu”

Makalu FYI –

And we couldn’t go a week without mentioning the greatest Mountain Climber of all time!!! GABE WALKER!!!!!

Warm-up – Jog Around Eastside, 10 Pushups, Situps, Squats, Pullups (No bands today, perform the best flexed arm hang ie get as high as you can on the bar)

Skill – Kipping Pullup Practice (10 min), RX Athletes will partner up with a Scaled Athlete for the first 5:00 and show them kipping progressions, techniques and pointers…tell them how long it took to get that pullup or the 50th, personal experience etc….the second 5:00, RX Athletes may spend this time on Butterfly Pullups or Muscle Ups. Scaled athletes will practice kipping….

Strength – Benchpress 5×5, add 2-3lbs to last 3×5

WOD “Makalu”

Every minute on the minute, Athletes will do 10 Double Unders RX or 10 Singles, and 10 Kettlebell Swings (KB).  Kettlebells will be arranged in an S Sepentine starting at 5lbs through 100lbs.  You will have 60 seconds to complete jump rope and swings, then you will advance to the next KB On The Minute!  If you go all the way, it will take Men 13 minutes to reach the 100lb KB and Ladies 12 minutes to reach the 70lb KB. If you make it to the 100lb KB (or Ladies 70), you have rest of minute to rep out as many swings as possible, this will be your final score. GOOD LUCK!

Cool Down – Cheer on those still doing Makalu….


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