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Harold T.


Harold T.


  1. Name?      Harold Tenorio
  2. College and Hometown and Profession?  University Of Houston, Grew up in the mean streets of SW Houston and Southern California, Engineering Manager with Cameron Drilling Systems.
  3. How did you find out about AllSport?      I had grown bored of traditional weight training at 24 hour Fitness and running at Memorial Park.  Joe Matcha, Brandy Jones, and I took an MMA class where Joe kicked Brandy in the face twice (really hard) by accident.  We all became friends and Joe told us about CrossFit one day,  he used to use the barbell for movements other than bench press and back squatting.  I thought it was weird but Joe said it would make me stronger so I decided to try it.  Soon thereafter Joe, Melissa, Brandy, and I searched all of the local Boxes in the area.  We decided on a top 3 based on location and how tough the coaches looked in their profile photos.  Susie looked like she could beat me up, so AllSport was the first box I tried, and I never left.
  4. Favorite thing about CrossFit?      I always read/hear people say they like the community side of it and doing something different all time, etc.. , I like it because CrossFit makes me sweat.  I like to sweat, so I like CrossFit. I also enjoy getting SWOLE and the lifting heavy weights part is also cool and I like feeling really sore, reminds me I’m alive.
  5. Favorite WOD/Least Favorite WOD or Movement? My favorite movement is cleans.  And some jerking but not too much because I suck at it.  I have a love/hate relationship with thrusters, snatches, and overhead squats.  Mainly because they remind me how much I suck at those movements and typically people make fun of me because of my poor hip and shoulder mobility (Grant H, Abbye M) but they are also my favorite because if I see any improvement I feel happy about it but not for long.
  6. WOD Nemesis, who do you battle or measure yourself against consistently?  It used to be Grant H, then I realized I wasn’t going to catch up to him so now I pick the weakest girl in the class and as long as I beat her or Arturo I’m happy.
  7. Married how long, kids?, Dating or Single? Single with two dogs
  8. Cats or Dogs? Nothing but Dogs live in my house and one bitch, her name is Lola.
  9. How long have you been at AllSport? Uhhhhhh I think 2.5 years.  I dunno, I’ve spent a lot of money there, I have all the t-shirts and hoodies.
  10. What gains have been most impressive to you, weight loss, strength gain etc?  I’ve always been strong all around, but I never knew how much I sucked at holding weight over my head.  OHS for example, I remember the first time I tried OHS, my form was so bad Coach Logan made me do the PVC pipe until I built up enough strength.  So embarrassing and humbling at the same time.  I appreciated him for that, it’s probably one of the reasons I’m still at AllSport, Coach Logan and all the other coaches, had my best interest in mind and that meant a lot to me.
  11. If you were stranded on a desert island and could take only one piece of equipment, what would it be?


  1. Strict Zone/Paleo or Mexican and Margaritas Kind of Paleo?  I eat everything in sight and wash it all down with margaritas and Karbach’s Rodeo Clown.
  2. How long did it take to get your first Pull-up or Muscle Up?  I was in the Marines for a few years so I could do kipping and strict pullups with my pinky finger while holding a 70 lb KB with the other.  Muscle ups: took me about a year of staring at the rings before I decided to give it a go and a few weeks after that.
  3. Class time you regularly attend? Why? 7pm…  I work a lot and I’m not a morning person.
  4. What movement(s) are you best at? Why?  Bench Press, back squats, push-ups, and pull ups. I’ve been doing them my entire life.
  5. What movement(s) are you worst at? What are you doing to get better at them? I suck at anything to do with gymnastics.  I built my own CrossFit gym in my garage, I do a lot of bench pressing and back squatting.
  6. Beach and Sand or Snow and Skis? Beach and sand, I love to fish.
  7. Three times a week or Unlimited? Unlimited, only way to go.
  8. CrossFit has helped me be a better ___? You fill in the blank (ex. Dad, Softball Player, Husband, Nurse etc…)     Well rounded athlete / co worker (I take my stress out on the barbell).
  9. If I could write the WOD on the board? What would it be? (You write the Strength and WOD)

Warm up:

Row 200m

Shoulder and hip mobility

Row 500m


Strength:  BENCH PRESS

1st round

5 rep max at 75%

3 rep max at 75%

2 rep max at 75%


2nd round

5 rep max at 95%

3 rep max at 95%

2 rep max at 95%


3rd round

5 rep max at 100%

3 rep max at 100%

2 rep max at 100%



5 rounds

5reps – 225/185lb deadlift

5 reps – 185/115lb cleans

5reps – 185/95lb S2OH

25 burpee buy in

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