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How to Start

Step 1
We offer a 3 Day Trial in a 6 Day Time Period for $35 to Try Us Out!
Please create a Profile on our MindBody scheduling system. This is how you will register for classes at AllSport CrossFit.
Please do register for every class you plan on attending at AllSport CrossFit, so we can prepare for your arrival. 
Step 2
Purchase the 3 Day Trial for $35, Schedule your FIRST CLASS with AllSport CrossFit. This 3 Day Trial will give you a chance to experience an average training week at AllSport CrossFit.
Our programming is specifically designed to be a full body workout. Both challenging, but scalable to any level or ability, even those brand new to CrossFit. The beauty of CrossFit is that anyone can start at anytime, as our Trainers can assist with scaling any movement or weight. 
Step 3
Arrive 10 minutes early to your first class, introduce yourself to our L1 Trainer, and begin your fitness journey with AllSport CrossFit. The one hour class will entail a great warm-up, strength or skill, and a WOD (Workout of the Day) all instructed by this L1 Trainer. You can start at any time with AllSport CrossFit. Be sure to bring water, a towel and wear athletic gear. 
If you have any questions prior to starting, please feel free to email us at or text 713-304-0009. 

~Welcome to AllSport CrossFit~

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