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Lauren R.


Lauren R.

511. Name?
Lauren Richard

2. Occupation, College and Hometown?
Registered Nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital
Our Lady of the Lake College
Baton Rouge, LA

3. How did you find out about AllSport CrossFit?
Googled cross fit gyms in the area

4. Favorite thing about CrossFit?
The constant variation! I like walking into the unknown, reading the board and thinking “not sure if I can do all of that”, but somehow I always find a way to dig deep and get through the WOD. I also like how you can measure your progress (yes Coach David, I agree, WRITE IT DOWN). It’s pretty cool to see how far you’ve come in a few months. The progression never stops (although it sometimes moves very slowly). The impossible becomes possible and there’s always a whole new level to take things… so it never gets old!

5. Favorite WOD/Least Favorite WOD or Movement?
FAVORITE WODs: Angie & The Chief
FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: power clean, OH Squats, pistols (I’m still scaling), pull-ups (still trying to figure out how to string them together without looking like a spaz)
LEAST FAVORITE WODs: Karen & Annie & Fran
LEAST FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: wall balls, box jumps, double unders, farmer’s carry, and as of recently I hate deadlifting with snatch grip (WTF?!?!)

6. WOD Nemesis, who do you battle or measure yourself against consistently?
I’m going to have to say Ting. We usually partner up on the strength, and when I first met her she was sandbagging (I don’t think she even knew her own strength). And for the record, she now kicks ass, no more sandbagging! It’s funny, because things I’m good at, she’s not, and visa versa. So our strengths are different, but I love her competitive nature! She usually beats me for time (especially if running is involved), but that’s ok because I’m always proud of her and gives me someone to chase after!

And then there’s the strength girls… I call them Sue x 2…. those ladies can lift some weights! Not sure I’ll ever quite get where they are, but I admire them for it :)

7. Married how long, kids?, Dating or Single?
Dating the love of my life, James! He’s from Ireland…. super sexy accent ;)

8. Cats or Dogs?
Dogs!! I have a 1.5 year old Shi Tzu named Rocco! He’s a total badass for a Shi Tzu :)

9. How long have you been at AllSport CrossFit?
Since June 2012

10. What gains have been most impressive to you, weight loss, strength gain etc?
Strength gain, definitely. I did my first Rx pull-up within 2 months of being at ASCF, and most of my lifts have drastically improved (biggest improvement on deadlifts and power cleans)

11. If you were stranded on a desert island and could take only one piece of equipment, what would it be?
Pull-up bar

12. Strict Zone/Paleo or Mexican and Margaritas Kind of Paleo?
I’ve been on and off Paleo for the last year and a half. I’ve done 30-40 days of strict Paleo, and it was just too boring. So for the last year, I’ve been figuring out ways to enjoy
life and eat Paleo. I truly believe in most things that the Paleo diet represents, especially getting back to the basics, but I think in the modern world we need to learn how to consume less. My biggest struggle is that I like to eat good food and I have a major sweet tooth. But paleo has taught me how to pay attention to the way my body responds to different types of foods, and I truly believe it’s a learning process that may take months or years for some people. What I’m currently working on is making vegetables the main part of my meal. That’s where all the good stuff really is!

13. How long did it take to get your first Pull-up or Muscle Up? Any tips?
I was working on pull-ups for 1 year, and got my first Rx pull-up after 2 months at ASCF. My tip is to KEEP PRACTICING! Get different peoples opinions because
you never know who can describe the movement in such a way that makes complete sense to your brain.

Muscle Ups…. I’m not there YET!

14. Class time you regularly attend? Why?
5:15am. I know it seems crazy, but once you get there you forget how early it really is. We have a really good group of regulars and we’re all there to get work done. Most of
us go on to our day jobs after, and I promise you, I have a much better day on the days when I went to ASCF in the morning! Plus, my workout is done and I don’t have to
stress about getting out of work on time to get there. The people at 5:15am class are why I go! We hold each other accountable, occasionally call each other out on FaceBook… whatever works to get us there and motivate each other!

15. What movement(s) are you best with? Why?
Bear crawls…. maybe I was a bear in a previous life….
Toes 2 Bar/Ring… I guess because I’m flexible…

16. What movement(s) are you worst with? What are you doing to get better at them?
Snatch, box jumps, Double Unders – just practice when I can

17. Beach and Sand or Snow and Skis?
Beach and Sand…. ANY DAY!!!

18. Three times a week or Unlimited?

19. CrossFit has helped me be a better _____________? You fill in the blank (ex. Dad, Softball Player, Husband, Nurse etc…)
Not so girly girl!! Growing up I was a dancer, a total girly girl. It took a little “letting go” to be comfortable in my sweaty gym clothes, bright red face, legs all bruised up, calluses on my hands, and whatever else CrossFit brings! But now, I can’t get enough of it! However, I’d much prefer to be gross and bad ass in LuluLemon apparel (haha, ok maybe I’m still girly).

20. If I could write the WOD on the board? What would it be? (You write the Strength and WOD)


Push Press 3,3,3,3,3

Buy in: 400 m run


Power Clean
OH Squat
Toes 2 Bar

Buy out: 400 m run

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