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Paleo Challenge Updates/Tips, etc.!!!!


Paleo Challenge Updates/Tips, etc.!!!!

Almost one week down, stay strong!!!!!  Remember to make better choices in your sides and snacks!

Coach Susie found that Lupe Tortilla’s now offers Spaghetti Squash in lieu ($1 extra – TOTALLY worth it!)  of Rice and Beans! If you find any tips like this, please share them with the rest of us so we can all make better choices while we are eating out.

And Coach David bought Lemon Peppered Chicken Breasts (3) and Asparagus at Whole Foods today.  We grilled both on our grill in under 20 minutes. Our entire meal cost us less than $8.00 and it was delicious.

Here is a Post from Crossfit Huntington Beach that sums up the changes your body will see with CrossFit, making better choices, eating more protein. Its NOT ALWAYS ABOUT the SCALE. Keep up the GREAT WORK in and out of the BOX!!!!


                                         Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Huntington Beach



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