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Patricio G.


Patricio G.


I have been doing CrossFit for almost three years and it has completely changed my life. My wife Laurie (also at AllSport) and I began this journey together and we have never been fitter. We moved to Houston from Dallas a little over a year ago. I tried 3 boxes before settling on AllSport as our CrossFit home and I am very glad I did. The thing that I think sets AllSport apart from the other boxes is the programming. This is the strongest and fastest I have ever been in my whole life. Sure, I’m no Tim Popp but I’m working on it…I’m coming after you Tim!

I feel constantly challenged and pushed and I feel very blessed to be a part of this community which has embraced my whole family…even our crazy kids. My motivation is simple: I want to live a long, happy and healthy life. There is a lot of heart disease in my family and various uncles of mine have passed at a young age. That won’t be me and I feel very strongly that there are no excuses for not getting your behind off the couch and into the gym. Coach Steven and I always joke “No fat dads”. That’s my motto. The dad bod is NOT IN! Thank you AllSport and all the coaches for making all of my family stronger and fitter.

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