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Punch Card Price INCREASE


Punch Card Price INCREASE

Another Reminder:

ASCF Folks!  Our Punch Card Prices will be increasing on 1st August 2012 to $165 per 10 WODs. If you feel you need to stock up on punch cards NOW, please do so before the price increase. You can purchase several at a time prior to the price increase.

Or, it may be time for many of you to go to a 3X week ($125 per month/$10.40 per WOD) or Unlimited ($150 per month/$6.25 per WOD) package!

The Punch Card Pricing at $165 ($16.50 per WOD) is still less than the drop in rate of $20 per WOD. Just a heads up for all of you on Punch Cards!!!!

Any questions or concerns, please contact Susie at


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