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Rauli G.


Rauli G.

558532_462154620496669_1278831328_nAllSport CrossFit 20 Questions

1. Name?
Rauli Garcia
2. Occupation, College and Hometown?
CFO Houston Grand Opera
Texas A&M, UH, Rice
3. How did you find out about AllSport?
Susie and David used to work out occasionally with me in another crossfit gym. I heard they were doing their own thing and went to check them out.
4. Favorite thing about CrossFit?
Everyday is a different workout. 27 years of MWF/back, chest, legs was deadly boring! Plus, I missed the camaraderie of the football and rugby teams. I love to come in and talk a little smack, mess around, bust my butt, and then hang for a couple minutes before heading to work and putting on my professional pants again.
5. Favorite WOD/Least Favorite WOD or Movement?
The explosive oly lifts type stuff, I like barbells. Least favorite is anything with running. Been there, done that, no thank you.
6. WOD Nemesis, who do you battle or measure yourself against consistently?
The 5:00 AM class is full of fun people, and I want to beat all of them of course. There are different rabbits for different WODs. Generally, Sean Lehane is my favorite rabbit. Ting Bresnahan is a great rabbit for running and body weight stuff, as long as she’s not sand bagging. It’s always fun, friendly and challenging competition.
7. Married how long, kids?, Dating or Single?
Married for 14+ years. My wife is incredible. I have been unable to convince her to try crossfit for 3.5 years. My 9 year old son can already 6 or 7 HSPUs. Ha!
8. Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, Chocolate Lab and Golden Retriever. Cats, turtles, birds, etc are fine. I don’t judge. Except pigs, you shouldn’t have a pig for a pet unless you intend to eat it.
9. How long have you been at AllSport?
Since they were doing the build out.
10. What gains have been most impressive to you, weight loss, strength gain etc?
All of the above. In 3.5 years I have gone from 230#s and a 42 inch waist, to 215#s and a 34 inch waist, and I am getting close to my strength in college.
11. If you were stranded on a desert island and could take only one piece of equipment, what would it be? 
A margarita machine. Barring that, a jump rope.
12. Strict Zone/Paleo or Mexican and Margaritas Kind of Paleo?
90% Paleo, 10% kitchen sink beginning about noon on Saturdays. Although, beer is really nectar of the gods, so its on my paleo.
13. How long did it take to get your first Pull-up or Muscle Up? Any tips?
A couple weeks for a kip. It’s physics, you are translating horizontal motion into vertical motion, focus on the technique and the motions will come. Still waiting on that muscle up…
14. Class time you regularly attend? Why?
5:15. It’s the only time I can fit it in and balance the needs of wife/kids/work/friends. Plus, I love know that before most people have even left REM sleep, i have already challenged myself and completed a workout that most people won’t even attempt.
15. What movement(s) are you best with? Why?
I don’t know, the explosive lifts? I have a big a$$ that generates lots of power quickly and gets transferred through my hips.
16. What movement(s) are you worst with? What are you doing to get better at them?
Muscle ups, double unders, pull ups… trying to get back down to 200, just not trying too hard…
17. Beach and Sand or Snow and Skis?
YES!! Anything outside, with my kids and dogs! Bay fishing… How about an Allsport saltwater fishing trip?
18. Three times a week or Unlimited?
3 X a week. I probably average 2.5 X a week over the month.
19. CrossFit has helped me be a better _____________? You fill in the blank (ex. Dad, Softball Player, Husband, Nurse etc…)
Add the words “& Paleo” and it’s helped me be better at enjoying and living life.
20. If I could write the WOD on the board? What would it be? (You write the Strength and WOD)
3×3 Sntach
3×3 Cleans
Some kind of chipper wod that would be limited to 3 rounds and last under 15 minutes.

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