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Ryan A and Suzanne M.


Ryan A and Suzanne M.

Ryan-DL-300x199Suzanne-DL-200x300AllSport CrossFit 20 Questions

1. Name?



2. Occupation, College and Hometown?

R: Financial Planning & Analysis at RigNet, Villanova U, Warren NJ

S: Speech & Language Pathologist at TIRR, Seton Hall U, Middlesex NJ

3. How did you find out about AllSport?

R/S: Suzanne works with Coach Abbye and told us that they were opening a gym near us and should try it out.  And there was a free trial week which Ryan loves.

4. Favorite thing about CrossFit?

R: Constantly seeing improvement and the friendly competition that pushes me to work harder.

S: The variety – I get easily bored. I like being able to accomplish new moves likes handstand push ups and pull ups. I also like trying to lift heavy things…I guess that’s about everything we do in Crossfit.

5. Favorite WOD/Least Favorite WOD or Movement?

R:  Helen and Nancy are my favorites, least favorite is Fran, thrusters are the worst.

S: Favorite movements would have to be anything with a barbell: squats, deadlifts, clean + jerk, etc. I have a love/hate relationship with pull ups because I want to practice them more. Least favorite movement would have to be rowing – I think I hate it more than running….and double unders  – if you have ever seen me do them you know why. I don’t really have favorite or least favorite WODs.

6. WOD Nemesis, who do you battle or measure yourself against consistently?

R:  There are a lot of guys between the 5:15 am, 5, 6, and 7 that depending on the wod and the day we are all pretty competitive.  I know when I do the early am wod the afternoon guys will try and beat me.  I know I do my best when I have someone to chase.

S: I used to be insanely competitive and measure myself against everyone. Now I go to the gym at 5:15am – so I can really only measure myself against the people in that class..and I like it better that way. Susanne and Z are my strength girls and Lauren R and Ting are the speed. I also just like comparing myself to myself – there are so many things I can do now that I couldn’t do before.

7. Married how long, kids?, Dating or Single?

R: Engaged.  Wedding in September.

S: It only took him 4.5 years to propose…

8. Cats or Dogs?

2 fish – Sebastian and Mantequilla. Suzanne keeps threatening to bring home a dog or a cat.

9. How long have you been at AllSport?

Since they opened the doors.

10. What gains have been most impressive to you, weight loss, strength gain etc?

R: Really everything that could go right has gone right. More muscle, less fat.  Bigger, stronger, faster, more facial hair (if you don’t know the mighty ducks reference i don’t want to know you)

S: I’m always so pumped when I PR a lift – so definitely strength stuff. I also can’t believe I can string together pull ups – if you told me I would be able to do that when I started I would have told you you were crazy. Weight loss has not technically happened – but I am definitely smaller – and that’s pretty kick ass too.

11. If you were stranded on a desert island and could take only one piece of equipment, what would it be?

R:  Barbell and some plates

S: Ditto.

12. Strict Zone/Paleo or Mexican and Margaritas Kind of Paleo?

S/R: 5/7 days a week we are pretty strict Paleo,  the weekend all bets are off – but trying to clean that up too :) .

13. How long did it take to get your first Pull-up or Muscle Up?

R: Had a few pull-ups coming in.  took a couple weeks to get the kip.  about 6 weeks to get my first muscle up, another 3 weeks to get a second.

S: I think I got one pull up pretty quickly. Stringing them together took quite a while though..not sure how long. Annnnddd no muscle up – not really sure when/if that will happen.

 14. Class time you regularly attend? Why?

R: 5:15am or 6pm depending on the day of the week or when I’m coaching.

S: 5:15am – It makes me less evil at work if I have already gotten a workout in. I also don’t have any other time since I see some home health patients after work.

15. What movement(s) are you best with? Why?

R:  most body weight movements, I have also gotten pretty good with OHS and snatches.

S: I think anything that involves a squat I am pretty good at…had to scale back with this knee but I’ll get back in it.

16. What movement(s) are you worst with? What are you doing to get better at them?

R:  Squats, but I’m working on it.

S: God, rowing. Hate it. Double unders – I’m too much of a spaz. And I am doing basically next to nothing to improve them – bad answer? I’m just accepting that I am terrible at them.

17. Beach and Sand or Snow and Skis?

R: Beach

S: Beach definitely – I hate anything that involves the cold.

18. Three times a week or Unlimited?

R: Usually attend 5 or 6 days a week

S: Unlimited – try to make it 5 or 6 times a week.

19. CrossFit has helped me be a better _____________? You fill in the blank (ex. Dad, Softball Player, Husband, Nurse etc…)

R: Looking person in a bathing suit

S: How about – Crossfit has helped me be more humble. There is always someone better than you at something. Get over it.

20. If I could write the WOD on the board? What would it be? (You write the Strength and WOD)


Strength: Back Squat 5×5 (trying to work on it)

WOD: 15 Min Amrap

One time buy in 150 double unders

Then: 10 overhead squats (135/95)

15 burpees over bar

20 pull-ups


Strength: Clean and Jerk –  3,3,3,3,3

WOD: 5 Rounds for time

10 pull ups

10 squat cleans

10 hand stand pushups

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