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Some great thoughts from Coach Logan…..When Is It Time?


Some great thoughts from Coach Logan…..When Is It Time?

Once in awhile one of us will post our thoughts, tips, ideas……This week, we have some great thoughts from Coach Logan…..

When Is It Time?

When is it time to start taking some control over your CrossFit experience and why should you?

If you are brand new to CrossFit there is a period of time where the onus is on the staff and coaches to make sure you are using proper weights and scaling appropriately. We have experience with athletes and want to make sure you execute movements with proper form before you start increasing load and intensity. After a few weeks it is time to start taking some control over your training.

First Step – The Workout Log

The most bang for your buck will come from a workout log. If you record your results you will accumulate some data that will become a powerful tool in your training. There are too many movements and lifts for you to remember all your milestones. If you know what weight you used for your last session of backsquats, you now have a target for your next session. There are very few things more rewarding that setting a target and then blowing through it. Your log is also a form of accountability. A week of results will fill you with pride. A week of blank pages will stare back at you longing for entries. Most importantly for me, a week of results on paper makes my pancakes taste better when I fall off and get run over by the paleo-wagon. There are apps for phones or a simple notebook will suffice.

Next Step – Pre Workout and Post Workout Activity

When you get here early, work on something. Double Unders, Hand Stand Holds, Shoulder and Hip Mobility and, my favorite when I see it, Squat Therapy are a few things that will pay huge dividends. These can all be done “socially” so you can still catch up with friends and compliment your friends on their most recent Lulu retail expedition. After the workout, if you have time, your body is primed for mobility work. Hit the foam rollers and use the bands to stretch.

So for most of you, IT IS TIME! Every day when I leave AllSport I am filled with pride in what you guys have accomplished in our brief time. We have only been open for a little over six months and you have built an incredible community and made stupendous progress. I tip my hat to all of you and I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with each of you. You make me proud. So that’s about as close to a group hug as I am going to get. Now, I ask that each of you step up one more rung on the ladder and take some control of your training. You will not be disappointed with the outcome.



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