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Thank You from AllSport CrossFit!!!!!


Thank You from AllSport CrossFit!!!!!

To our AllSport CrossFit Family – We are so very thankful for all of you and your generosity during this Holiday Season! The gift cards, beer, awesome gifts, cards, cookies, etc. are so awesome (and you certainly don’t have to give them to us!).


We are so very, very appreciative of having all of you as part of our AllSport CrossFit Family!!!! We hope we have made a difference in your (physical and mental) life somehow in the past year that we’ve been open (we celebrate 1 Year on 1 January 2013)!! We could not have done it without each and every one of you!!! Thank you again and again!

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!!!

Hugs and Deadlifts,
Your AllSport CrossFit Coaching Staff,

Coaches David, Susie, Logan, Hernan, Dustin, Neey, Lee, and Jimmy the Janitor