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The CrossFit Open: JUST TWO WEEKS TO GO!!!!


The CrossFit Open: JUST TWO WEEKS TO GO!!!!


AllSport CrossFit Athletes, Friends and Family!

TWO WEEKS TO GO. Hope everyone is enjoying The CrossFit Open. We imagine there have been a lot of ups and downs for most. Like a chest to bar is ACTUALLY a chest to bar. Competition is not the end-all-be-all of CrossFit but it’s fun to test yourself from time to time. You are all doing great and we thank you for your effort. Watching you dig deep and do some things that you are proud of is the best.

There are so many notable highlights from the last three weeks that we will miss here but we want to call out a few that we have seen and heard about:
Deborah A. (Masters Women) Rx’d 17.1 finished in 18:36, well under the time cap, for a 16th place in the region and had to be talked out of doing it again to improve her score.

Tyler A. on 17.3. Came in to do the RX’d version. Warmed up his chest to bar pull ups and realized that, unfortunately, he just wasn’t there yet. Tyler was a little pissed. So, Tyler decided to do the scaled version and throw everything he had at it. Tyler cleared the snatch ladder while PR’ing his snatch three times on the last bar (155) of the workout. This is what the Open is about. Tyler found out that the scaled workout was both HARDER than the Rx for him and more rewarding.

Victoria N., a recovering endurance athlete, hit three 95# snatches to PR during 17.3. She handles her business so calmly most days but to see the fist pump after hitting those lifts was SO COOL!

Nick H. blasted through a plateau on 17.3 with multiple 185# snatches.

Keith N. PR’d his snatch at 115# while warming up for his 17.3, then he hit 135# several times during the workout itself. He barely weighs 140#!

Lauren S., who is 21 weeks pregnant, also hit a 95# squat snatch (her PR is 105#), so this was amazing to watch. That baby is going to be one strong kid!

Arturo P. got his muscle up in 17.2. Then celebrated so hard I think he was too spent to get his second one.

Daniel S. had a fist fight with 50# dumbbells in 17.2 but hung in long enough to get back to the muscle up and then nailed it. Pretty sure this effort was a huge factor in the muscle up that Arturo got above. Another example of the AllSport community pushing and pulling each other along.

Amy H. realizing the results of working on her pull ups diligently (mostly). Her chest to bar pull ups in 17.3 were awesome and were not there a year ago.

Susanne C. hit a 105# power snatch, which is a huge PR for her. She had done a LOT of work prior to this too.

Carlos M. finishing 17.1 in 12:38 one day after doing it in 13ish minutes. Go back and try to remember what your back felt like after 17.1 and imagine doing it the next day AND shaving over a minute off your time. What?!?

We have missed a lot of your milestones here but we have been hearing about them from your peers and coaches. Again, all we can say is thank you and we are so proud of all of you.

On the competitive side here are some of the mid-way results:
Alexis J. is in 2nd in the region and 20th in the world. David H. is in 2nd in the region and 34th in the world. Alexis will compete at the Super Regional Competition May 19-21 in San Antonio to earn her spot to return to The CrossFit Games. David will earn his way into the Masters Qualifier which is “old person” for “regional” in CrossFit. He will have a weekend in April to complete 4 more Open-style workouts and will be making a very legitimate run at making it to the CrossFit Games in the Men’s Masters 55+ Division.

Drew B. – 40th in the Region (proud of you Drew!)

Deborah A. – 36th in the Region (she’s a rockstar!)

Team Thin Mints v Caramel Delites stands at 2-1 with Caramel Delites in the lead. Last two weeks have been very close. Try to remember to put your scores in. Last week had A LOT of missing scores which might have tilted the score enough to matter. There are Girl Scout Cookies on the line here people!!! The scoring for the hotly contested Best Girl Scout Cookie Team is done according to the leaderboard generated on the Games website for AllSport CrossFit. Each week each athlete will be ranked with everyone from AllSport who enters their score. That ranking is your score. The team score is the total rankings of its members. Adjustments are made each week based on how many people enter their scores per team and for several people that are on teams but are signed up at other gyms or did not actually sign up online under AllSport. If there are any questions about scoring, see The Commissioner, Logan, and he will walk you through it with as little passive aggressiveness as he can.

What’s Left?
Two more weeks. We haven’t yet seen a repeat workout from previous Opens and we usually do. We haven’t seen: thrusters, rowing, doubleunders, wall ball, and a few other favorites. Strap in for the last two workouts and bring it.

Hugs and Deadlifts,

Logan, Susie, and David
and your amazing Trainers:
Neey, Steven, Evan, Alexis and Jeremy

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