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The Meter Maid is back with a Vengeance!!!!!


The Meter Maid is back with a Vengeance!!!!!

Ok y’all the Meter Maid with a Vengeance is back!!!!  Everyone will need to start parking in our gravel parking lot off Branard Street; no more parking in the W Main Street Cul de Sac.

If you decide to park in the front off W Main Street, please leave several spots for the Coaches and you must be parked along the curb (Your Right Wheel MUST be along the curb). But please remember our Coaches can only open the door in the front, so they need a spot along the curb.

This applies to the 515 and 615 class, as well – so please start parking in the gravel lot off Branard Street. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause everyone but she is on a roll to give tickets out!

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