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Thursday, September 27th, 2012; “Lhotse”/”Mallory and Irvine”


Thursday, September 27th, 2012; “Lhotse”/”Mallory and Irvine”

Lhotse FYI

Mallory and Irvine FYI –














Warm-up – Last man standing Pushup Circle, Circle up and we will go Round Robin Style for example with Han doing a pushup, Luke doing a pushup, Chewie doing a pushup, Leia etc…when you get back to Han, he does 2 etc….Athletes must remain in Pushup position the entire time….if you are scaling to your knees, remain in the plank position while you wait, when it’s your turn you may go to your knees to perform pushups, then it’s back to the plank. Larger classes break into ability groups of ten.  THE WINNER OF EACH WARM-UP WILL HAVE HIS DEADLIFT WEIGHTS CLEANED UP BY THE REST OF THE CLASS.

When you are eliminated from Circle, take a lap down to West Alabama and back.

Strength- Deadlift 5×3 (5 sets of 3 reps at same Heavy Weight)

Skill – Push Jerk

WOD – “Mallory and Irvine”

10 minute AMRAP of….

5 Pushjerks 155/105

10 Burpees

Cool Down – GHD Back Extensions 25, GHD Situps 25, GHD Back Extensions 25




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