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Tracking your Visits for 3X week (12 Monthly WODs)


Tracking your Visits for 3X week (12 Monthly WODs)

ASCF Family!

For those on the 3X week Package……If you purchase our 3X week package, this means you can workout 12 times per month (Open Gym and any other special WODs do count towards your 12 workouts per month) regardless of how you use your WODs. You do not have to come 3X week; if you travel 1 or 2 weeks out of the month, you can use your 12 WODs throughout the rest of the month. You simply MUST have a reservation online with Mind Body and not exceed your 12 Monthly WODs. However, please understand if you do not use all of your 12 WODs per month, then they can not be rolled over to the next month.

You can always check your account online by going to My Info>Purchase History to see when your monthly package was purchased (and thus started). Then you can go to My Info>Visit History to check your visits to AllSport CrossFit.

If you are unable to make a reservation online prior to attending a class, then please check your Visit History to ensure you have not exceeded your 12 WODs. You MUST have a reservation to attend a class. If you are on the waiting list, you can text Coach Susie at 713-304-0009 to see if you can be let into the class (pending equipment and coaching requirements). If you attend a class and you have exceeded your 12 WODs per month, you are subject to the $20 Drop In Fee.

It is only $25 to upgrade to the unlimited package where you can attend any and every class and even attend class 2X per day. Please consider this package if you are exceeding your 12 WODs per month.

We love having all of you but please be sure you are keeping track of your workouts or consider upgrading! We would LOVE to see everyone in here at least 4 to 5 times per week; it makes a HUGE difference!!!!

Thanks, in advance!

Best, Coach Susie

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