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3 October 2012; “American Ninja Warrior”


3 October 2012; “American Ninja Warrior”

It’s going to be a great day and all AllSport Athletes are going to get a great workout but everyone’s max patience and friendship is requested as we complete a very complicated equipment intensive WOD.  Have fun and please, please operate within your own abilities  S-A-F-E-L-Y today!!!

Warm-up – Self, Mobility etc. 5:00, then set-up for WOD explanation…

WOD- “American Ninja Warrior”

AMRAP 30 minutes, Athletes will navigate the Obstacle Course SAFELY as many times as possible in 30 minutes. Score will be rounds plus last obstacle completed….ie 3 rounds plus Bearcrawl

There will be two tracks.  One RX’d and another scaled.

RX’d Obstacle Course is as follows….(Scaled athletes will scale whatever they need with special concerns for any mobility/previous injuries on the Rings especially, suggestion, you can substitute KB Swings or Ring Rows for the transfer)

1. Begin at big door, complete 30 Hand Release Push-ups

2. Run to Branard and Back

3. Navigate Tire Obstacle

4. Complete Rings Obstacle going North

5. Bearcrawl back going South

6. Complete 3 Burpees then Box Jump up and over each Big Box going North

7. Spiderman Walk going South, one pushup each step

8. Complete Low Boxes going North

9. Walking lunges going South

10. Complete 30 full depth Air Squats and back to Step #1 (30 Hand Release Push-ups)


American Ninja Warrior Tryouts Information 2012 – Maybe they will return to Dallas for 2013.  AllSport Road Trip???




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