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Wednesday, September 26th, 2012; “Kangchenjunga”; “Alex Lowe RIP”


Wednesday, September 26th, 2012; “Kangchenjunga”; “Alex Lowe RIP”

Alex Lowe RIP –

Kanchenjunga –

Warm-up – Self 10 minutes

Timed 1 – 1500m row

Timed 2 – Hanging out, in a last man/or woman standing format, hang unassisted from the bar until a winner is determined.  RX’d Athletes looking for a challenge? Use the ropes…..Non Winners will begin doing Burpees at a reasonable pace until a winner is crowned….

WOD- “Being a Sherpa Sucks”

3 rounds for time of…..

5 Cleans (Hang, Power, or Squat) 225/135

5 Bar Jump Over Burpees

POWER WALK out big door and to Branard carrying 1x Medicine Ball and 1x Slam Ball in anyway besides rolling them, Mens RX 50lbs + Guys be reasonable, if you weigh 200plus, leave the 50lbs to the smaller Sherpas, Ladies RX 30lbs+.  Power walk means just that, walk as fast as you can carrying the heaviest load possible.  Remember we have Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, and Sandbags…

Cool Down – Spend rest of class working on Handstand holds, pushups, one arm holds and or walks…..




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